An excursion through language and culture

One of the best ways to practice your Dutch is simply to go out there and use it on locals. The Walk & Talk sessions help you do just that under the guidance of two Dutch teachers, Loek and Gerard.

The story of Scheveningen where TaalTaal is situated is very rich, especially if you want to discover the less touristic aspects and history. During this short course of 5 sessions (10 hours), you will interact in Dutch as well as learn a bit about Dutch history and culture.

For whom?

The course is for everybody who wants to improve their Dutch and might also love some local history. The combination makes for a very enjoyable day, without the need to explain to the guide ā€œIā€™d understand you if you would only speak a bit slower!ā€

You need at least CEFR level A2. If you prefer to increase your level first, please try one of the Dutch courses.

Two intensities of walk

  • Full course consisting of 5 sessions of 2 hours each (ā‚¬150 total price)
  • Single walks as part of another workshop of course such as the Dutch immersion courses

The full course consists of a mix of interactive lessons where we discuss a bit of history with a lot of visual materials including artwork and actual walks along different routes where you will be prepared to talk about the sights and also go enjoy practical interactions with locals such as in shops.