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Welcome to the Online Intake

This page aims to help us find the most suitable course for you. If you don't know your exact level or group, then the teachers will arrange a level assessment for you. Please note that both the intake and lessons can be done online and no in-person meeting is required.

First Name
Family Name
Mother tongue

Which language would you like to learn?

What is your motivation for improving your language skills?

for work purposes
socially, friends and family
learning more about the culture

How do you estimate your current level?

Where have you taken language classes before?

Do you have any comments or requests?

Please fill in any expectations you might have for the course and what your objectives are.

If you prefer a virtual intake via Skype, FacteTime, Whatsapp video or something else, please let us know in this comment field below. The lessons can also be attended online if you prefer.