French Summer Courses

TaalTaal offers quality French courses on several levels. Our groups are small and dynamic, so you will have lots of personal attention and guidance.

The new season starts in the week of 24 July 2017 and consists of 7 lessons of 120 minutes (unless noted otherwise).

It is possible to sign up for a course that is already running. Please take into account about 2.5 hours of self-study next to the regular courses.

Are you interested in signing up? Please use the sign up buttons located under each course description. If you have any questions, you're welcome to call us, send an e-mail or use the contact form.

NOTE: if you prefer all instruction and lesson materials to be in English, you can sign up for the "French/EN" courses, which may be beneficial for beginner levels.

Please note: private lessons and intensive courses can be started at any time.

Course overview

week commencing 24 July

French/EN Level 1 (A0+)


Result after the course:  You can handle daily life situations in French. You know numerals, simple grammar and plurals. You can have short conversations in French.You know how to pronounce French words and you've learned basic grammar rules such as personal pronouns, adjectives and regular verbs. You are able to have short conversations in French and you can read short texts and answer questions about the content.

Frequency, duration, day and time:  Once a week during 7 weeks: Monday between 19:00 and 21:00 hrs

This course is tailor made for English speaking students. All explanations and extra course material are in English. It's the perfect course if you would like to learn a basic level of French and don't speak Dutch. You can follow higher levels with regular students.

Lesson method: The book (exclusive) can usually be used for multiple courses. You can easily order via and

Voyages édition internationale 1 €25.50

(ISBN: 9789462934375)

Voyages édition internationale 1 cahier d'activités €24.50

(ISBN: 9789462934382)

Intensive French Course


Description: An intensive course is given privately (for 1 person) and consists of 15 contact hours divided over 1 or 2 weeks, for example 5 consecutive days of 3 hours each. The exact configuration can be discussed with the teacher for best possible results. Please do take into account time needed for self-study and homework.

Frequency, duration, day and time:  flexible

Lesson method: Any lesson method may be used, but as an indication, you can consider one of the following standard books.

Le Nouveau TAXI! 1 €28.00

(ISBN: 9782011555489)

Le Nouveau TAXI! 1 / cahier d'exercices €16.00

(ISBN: 9782011555496)

Totem 2 : Livre de l'élève + DVD-ROM + manuel numérique simple inclus €25.00

(ISBN: 9782011560551)

Totem 2 : Cahier d'activités + CD audio €15.00

(ISBN: 9782011560568)

Our Philosophy

* Quality education by experienced teachers * Focus on practical results * Lots of conversation * Excellent return on price + time investment * Excursions with teacher and fellow students (on request) * Accelerated courses available *